The Aquarius center is about 400 meters from the hotel. Aquarius.

"The Magnano in Riviera Aquarius was opened in 2000 and offers up-to-date activities in the field of terrestrial and aquatic well-being. The structure is complete with all comforts, and is always available seven days a week to best satisfy your health and psychophysical wellbeing needs. In the Aquarius Center in Magnano in Riviera you will find a healthy and controlled environment."

Aquarius Magnano in Riviera

Venzone - the historic center 

14.8 km from Hotel Riviera.




Tarcento – historic center  

Friday market

4 km from Riviera Hotel


Villa Moretti a Tarcento

Tagliamento: The Tagliamento river is considered the only one in the entire Alpine arc and one of the few in Europe to preserve the original morphology with intertwined channels, for this characteristic of high hydromorphological quality, as well as for the uniqueness of the river ecosystem as a whole, it is also known as the King of Alpine rivers.

10 km from Riviera Hotel


Tagliamento fiume

The cycle path that leads to Tarcento begins just 300 meters from the Riviera hotel 

Just 4 km away you can enter the Alpe Adria cycle path that leads from Salzburg to Grado.

Alpe Adria cycle path  

ciclovia Magnano Tarcento
Ciclovia Alpe Adria

Savorgnat Castle of Artegna 

2.6 km from Riviera hotel.

Artegna Castle website



Castello Savorgnan Artegna